Thank you for taking an interest in the Academy of Certified Archivists! We are excited that you are considering becoming a Certified Archivist. We hope this page will answer the questions you have but if you have additional ones, please feel free to contact Regent of Exam Administration, Daria Labinsky, CA ( See also : FAQ’s about certification

Provisional Certification

As a recent graduate, you may not have enough work experience to qualify for CA status. However, you are still eligible to sit for the exam! The Academy offers a Provisional Certification. In this case a passing exam score is eligible for up to three years while you gain the work experience for full Certified Archivist status. Another benefit of Provisional Certification is that you do not pay ACA dues until you obtain your first professional job within the Provisional period.

  • Requires master’s degree and at least 9 semester hours or 12 quarter hours of graduate study in archival administration
  • Have 3 years to obtain 1 year of qualifying professional experience
  • May sit for the ACA exam

Student presentations to graduate groups

If your student chapter of SAA or other organization is interested in learning about the Academy and the requirements to sit for the exam, we have a program where a local Certified Archivist will come and do a presentation for you. This is a great activity for your student chapter of SAA, archives class, or professional development organization to take part in. Presentations are best done in the fall or early spring, before the exam registration deadline, in order to give those interested in taking the exam, a chance to apply.

If interested in this program, please contact the Regent for Outreach, Liz Scott ( who will coordinate it with our Student Outreach Coordinator, Lori Lindberg.