New Recertification Petition Guidelines for Next Cycle!

The Recertification Petition Guidelines Review Task force recently completed an almost 18-months-long process of reviewing and revising the requirements, definitions, and credits for the process of recertifying by petition and is pleased to share these new instructions and rules.

The fully revised guidelines are available, as are an overview of the changes.

Overall, the revisions may be seen as an opening up of the criteria to take into account the changing nature of the profession and the variety of contexts in which certified archivists are practicing within the archival domains.  In addition, the proposed changes endeavor to make credit values for analogous or related activities more consistent across categories and sections, to adjust any perceived gaps between the effort an activity requires and the credit it confers, and to reflect evolving modes of professional participation and engagement.

To allow members time to adjust their recertification activities and recordkeeping, CA’s due to recertify in 2018, 2019, and 2020 may opt to submit a petition under either the previous or the new guidelines. Forms for both options will be available in the Recertifying by Petition Section at

The next recertification cycle begins in January 2018. Please contact the Regent for Certification Maintenance at with any questions.


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