Certification Maintenance

Recertification Options

Certified Archivists must recertify every five years in one of two ways:

Helpful Links

Register for Exam to Recertify
Petition Guidelines and Forms
Archival Recertification Credits (ARCs)
Credit List of Archival Activities
Recertification Timeline


You must maintain your annual dues, but regardless of which certification maintenance option you choose, there is no recertification fee.
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Recertification Timeline

Because of the way the certification year is administered, the certfication period for an archivist who passed the exam (given in late summer in conjunction with the Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting) will begin the following January. The CA will then have five calendar years in which to earn credits toward recertification and will participate in recertification by examination or petition the following year. For example, if you passed the exam in August 2012, you would have from January 1, 2013 – December 31, 2017 to earn credits. You would then either submit your petition by May 31, 2018, or take the examination when it is given in 2018.

If you are recertifying by petition in 2018, only the credits earned between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2017 will be counted.

Certified archivists who are due for recertification will be notified by email in December, again when recertification materials are made available in January, and periodically through May 31. To ensure notification, make sure your dues are up to date and ACA has correct contact information for you, especially email.

If you were provisionally certified when you passed the exam and later attained full certification after one year of full-time professional work, your timeline will vary, depending on what time of year you become officially certified. If you have any questions about when you are due to recertify, please contact the Regent for Certification Maintenance.

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