Test Locations for August 15, 2018


Examination Sites for August 15, 2018  [sites can change, and more added, so check back]
Washington, DC (SAA Site)

Columbia, SC

Los Angeles, CA

Oklahoma City, OK

St. Paul, MN

Salt Lake City, UT

Nominating Additional Sites – “Pick Your Site”

The exam can be taken in any city selected by enough applicants. The simplicity of the “Pick Your Site” program makes it an excellent opportunity for student groups and archival organizations to sponsor the test in their areas. This is a great way to make taking the exam more convenient and less costly. Non-US archivists can even host the exam in their country or region.
Picking your site is as easy as 1-2-3:
NETWORK — Any city nominated by enough applicants will be designated a “Pick Your Site” location.  Just get four of your friends to take the test with you or find some new friends on our Facebook page to make your preferred city a “Pick Your Site” location.
APPLY — Every member of your group must check the “Pick Your Site” box on the application form and write the name of the city where they want to take the test.
TEST — If enough of the applications are approved, the exam will be held in the designated city.
This year it will only take 3 archivists who have successfully applied before 11:59 PM EST February 15th to add a “Pick Your Site” location. From 12:00 AM EST February 16th through 11:59 PM EST May 31st it will require 5 approved applications to add an exam location.

If you have additional questions about the “Pick Your Site” process, please contact ACA Secretariat .