2016 President’s Address

President -- Jones pixWith a history spanning back to 1989 and conceived through the promptings of the Society of American Archivists, the Academy of Certified Archivists promotes the professionalization of archivists. It accomplishes this work through the creation and maintenance of a role delineation statement, outlining the major areas of archival work, the administration of a rigorous exam and the requirement that its members recertify through continued engagement with the profession. In the process, the Academy contributes to the health and vitality of the archival field.

As certified archivists volunteer to make presentations at archival conferences, join committees associated with archival organizations, contribute to the archival literature, teach archival-related workshops and classes, and pursue opportunities for professional development as a prerequisite to recertifying, they promote the health and strength of the archival enterprise. In this way, the Academy is as much a certifying body with everything that means as it is a service organization poised to bolster what it is archivists do. And what we do is important! Through the collection, preservation and act of providing access to documentary evidence, archivists help their own organizations and the wider society make connections between the past and the present, bringing attention and meaning to our individual and collective memories while ensuring that we never forget the moments and transformations that constitute the human experience. The 1,200+ members of the Academy of Certified Archivists play an active role in this process.

If you are a certified archivist, the Academy and larger profession appreciates the commitment and dedication you have demonstrated by joining our ranks. For those who regularly employ certified archivists, you are not only supporting the Academy but the larger archival endeavor by advancing the professionalization of the field. And for those who are considering certification, ponder the possibility that it will enhance your opportunities for employment, job security, promotion, status among peers, and serve as a reminder that the time and effort required to apply and study for the exam can only benefit your effectiveness as an archivist. For all who have some connection with archival certification, the Academy welcomes your continued support as we expand and solidify our shared interests and responsibilities.

Louis Jones, CA, PhD
President, Academy of Certified Archivists